Claire Vines [Certified Visual Artist - Rancho Mirage, CA]

Claire Vines [Certified Visual Artist – Rancho Mirage, CA]

Claire Vines [Certified Visual Artist – Rancho Mirage, CA]

Claire Vines is a Side Arts Certified Visual Artist from Ranch Mirage, California.

Claire Vines was born in the South of France by the passionate Mediterranean Sea where the sands are pebbles. When coming to this country, she did not speak the English language, only French. As a young girl, she discovered and developed a means to communicate, reflecting her emotions and internal thoughts onto canvas which mirrored her external world.

Presently and in her private practice, her concentration is on the art-of-psychology and psychology-of-art in human expression, emotion and mind, and life.

Art expression and emotionality together reflect back emotional freedom. Creative expression mirrors back the authentic emotional flow of internal energy onto a canvas through imagery, assisting the inner creative space from mind and soul. It is a step towards emotional freedom and the path to cultivate emotional wisdom. There is little right or wrong. Its reflection onto canvas is often a revision of a past memory.

We don’t want to run from our past, as we will run from ourselves. Our past is our knowledge. Creative freedom is an intention, not an expectation. We have earned what we have learned. Reflect self-expression in a narrative or a painting, drawing, song, quote, by reaching out, and teaching your love. Find the passion of positive creativity. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Don’t be afraid to say, “No.” Don’t be afraid to say creatively and kindly, “Yes.” Psychotherapy is the tool for externalizing self-expression.

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Claire Vines

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