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Julia H. Blum

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Julia H. Blum

    Drawing and Painting
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My artwork explores material and ideological dramas of the human condition including death, sexuality, and love. In recent years I have developed a visual language that best depicts these dramas. Alien-like figures, both disproportionate and distorted, have found their way onto my canvases, interacting in ways reminiscent of the codes that guide our own interactions. These creatures serve as replacements for human beings, though they are rendered intentionally ambiguous in an attempt to create a universal appeal or repulsion. When observing my work the viewer has two options: he can embrace these creatures and their conduct, or he can look onto them as alien and appreciate the drawing for its visual and technical rendering. While this work is affected by my surroundings, it is ultimately a study of our genus: the differences that set us apart, and the behaviors that make us the same.

01/2009 - What the Water Gave Me - Fortress of the Arts - Philadelphia, PA

01/2007 - ISE Art Student Show (juried exhibition) - ISE Cultural Foundation - New York City, NY

01/2007 - Kumbayakasha! (group exhibition) - Central Park - New York City, NY

01/2007 - Oodallaly, BFA Thesis Exhibition - Rosenberg Gallery, New York University - New York City, NY