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Tribe16 Art Festival – Call for Artists

Chrom-Art is pleased to announce the call for artists to contemporary emerging and mid-career artists for our upcoming Second Edition of TRIBE16 Art Festival.

Call for artists application / registration

Deadline: 20 Jul 2016

All unrepresented artists are invited to apply.

TRIBE16 is an alternative arts festival involving cross-disciplinary arts including 2D works, sculpture, street art, installations, videos, and performance.

  • Our first edition was a tremendous success, with more than 100 participating artists and over 2,500 visitors.
  • Our biggest budget item is promotion. As we are a 100% volunteer run non for profit, all moneys go to setting up the event and mostly to promotion of the event and participating artists.
  • Opportunity to join our Online Shop and Art Placement programme.
  • Dedicated interview in our blog, shared with our 35,000 social media followers.
  • Artists reported themselves as better off after the first event, giving us average scores above 7/10.

Tribe16 Art Festival

Chrom-Art is a new London based non for profit that supports talented undiscovered artists with free promotion and affordable showcasing opportunities. We raise awareness of social and community issues where creativity could be part of the solution.

For more information, contact


Modern Panic – Call for Artists

Guerrilla Zoo is accepting submissions for artists to feature in the next exhibition, Modern Panic.

Call for artists application / registration

Deadline: 30 Jun 2016

We are looking for work that covers one or more of the following areas:

Panic / Provocation / Controversy / Surrealism / Outsider Art / Grotesque / Macabre / Playful/Trickster / Existential / Inner Beauty / Confrontational / Disarming / Subverting / Political / Satire / Modern Society / Freedom of Speech / Boundary breaking / Emotionally Powerful

The exhibition will be held in London in October 2016.

The Modern Panic exhibitions are inspired by the work of the original Panic Movement, which was comprised of artists Alejandro Jodorowsky, Fernando Arrabal, and Roland Topor whom created provocative live arts events in France during 1960s. The works intended aim was to slice through the bourgeois art world and be a catalyst towards liberation of thought within the viewer. Modern Panic follows in the footsteps of this movement and aims to exhibit the new wave of modern artists.

Over the last seven years, Guerrilla Zoo has exhibited works from established artists such as H.R. Giger, Ralph Steadman, Charles Bronson, Franko B, Iris Schieferstein, Lucy Sparrow, Carrie Reichardt, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Roland Topor, Paul Toupet, Dan Hillier, and Dave McKean and supported 100’s of up and coming artists.

For more information, contact

Modern Panic


Taking Shape – Call for Artists

cueB Gallery, in collaboration with The Brockley Max and Shape Real Estate, is delighted to announce an art competition to explore the wide theme of shape – Taking Shape.

Call for artists application / registration

Deadline: 8 May 2016

London based artists are invited to approach this subject in an innovative way. Work submitted must be ready to be exhibited in the gallery space. There is no size restriction; however, we encourage artists to submit medium/large scale pieces to fit well in one of Shape developments.

After viewing all digital entries, the selection committee will shortlist artists to take part in a group exhibition at cueB gallery during The Brockey Max festival.

The Taking Shape exhibition will run from 30th May to 3rd June with an opening reception with drinks and canapés on Monday 30th from 7pm to 9pm.

Shape Real Estate are proud to be developing some of the most exciting schemes in London and the South East. From the shortlisted artists they will choose, together with the judging panel, the winning piece will be purchased for their beautiful new development next to the Shard on Long Lane, London SE1.

cueB Gallery is a young innovative art gallery in Brockley, Southeast London. Its ongoing aim is to show good quality, exciting, and stimulating work of artists working in a variety of media. We aim to promote the gallery and work we exhibit to a wider audience in order to provide the artist with valuable exposure beyond the mainstream gallery context. Brockley has a reputation as a focus for the arts in South London. The close proximity to a number of influential institutions, other exhibition spaces, and studios makes Brockley an ideal place to showcase the outstanding artistic talent we represent. We aspire to be part of the cultural community and hope to work with and compliment all the other great arts events already hosted in the vicinity.

For more information, contact

Taking Shape


ForumArts Sculpture Symposium – Call for Artists

ForumArts is opening a call to artists to participate in the outdoor ForumArts Sculpture Symposium for 11 days during the summer 2016.

Call for artists application / registration

Deadline: 24 Apr 2016

The ForumArts Sculpture Symposium is a residency opportunity for artists to make an entirely new sculpture, work alongside other artists, and discuss their work. The focus of the symposium is to make work inspired by and in response to the 130 acres and 180 years of the Himalayan Gardens at Riverhill House. Artists are welcome to visit the gardens prior to submission or base their piece on the images and video provided. Artists can work with natural or manmade materials.

The Symposium will consist of an 11 day residency in which 5 selected artists will each make a new piece of work. London Sculpture Workshop will provide an open workshop space with access to basic tools including woodwork, metalwork, and welding equipment. Mechanical and manual assistance in moving work can be given on site. The selection of materials can be decided by the artists, but they have to create work that will survive outside for at least 2 years.

During the ForumArts Sculpture Symposium, we will organize discussions between the artists, members of the public, and curators. Evening events will include barbecues, visits to local pubs, a press launch, and closing party. At the end of the Symposium, the sculptures will form part of an exhibition at Riverhill for the duration of summer 2016.

In 2017, a publication will be produced and launched at a London Sculpture Conference at which artists will present the work made during the Symposium.

ForumArts will fund material costs up to £500 for each artist. ForumArts is in charge of buying the materials. ForumArts will offer up to £50 to each artist for travel expenses to and from the Symposium within England. Receipts need to be produced. ForumArts cannot cover traveling expenses to international artists though it offers recommendation letters that could help to get funding with other entities. International artists will have travel expenses covered from any airport within England to Riverhill.

ForumArts will provide all meals and refreshments during the Symposium. Please note that, for the moment, accommodation will be camping; however, we are fundraising for getting hotel accommodation. We would provide the necessary kit for international artists.

ForumArts is a non-for profit arts organisation based in London that offers free membership for artists. ForumArts provides a platform for discussion on creative practice, opportunities for artists, visits to artists’ studios, and invitations to keynote speakers to talk to our members. ForumArts has organised major events such as the First West London Arts Prize 2013, First National Sculpture Symposium in England in 2014, and The London Sculpture Conference 2015.

For more information, contact

ForumArts Sculpture Symposium


InterAct 2016 – Call for Artists

ActionArt Contemporary is accepting submissions for InterAct 2016. Nine artists will be selected.

Call for artists application / registration

Deadline: 29 Apr 2016

From the curatorial perspective, the main focus of InterAct 2016 will be on the intersections between perception, memory, and identity. Creating art isn’t always done by conventional means nor with conventional materials. The challenge becomes strategizing and synthesizing the disorder that is unavoidable when combining varying mediums. Mediums selected will include:

  • Fine art photography
  • Mixed media
  • Video art
  • Installations
  • Painting
  • Performance arts
  • Experimental dance
  • Public art

There are no entry fees and the contest is open to all artists or groups of artists from any country.

The main purpose of InterAct is to provide to both emerging and established artists with a platform capable of reaching an international audience.

For more information, contact

InterAct 2016


Sixty – Call for Artists

Lubomirov / Angus-Hughes invites artists to submit work for Sixty, a curated two-part exhibition in London and Athens predicated on notions of arbitrary political constraints.

Call for artists application / registration

Deadline: 24 Apr 2016

  • All submitted works will be shown in London or your fee back
  • Sixty works will be shown in Athens: public votes on 30 and gallery selects 30
  • Get 25% off if you apply before 16 March
  • Work must fit through our letterbox (6×24.5cm)
  • Price cannot exceed €240
  • No digital submissions – all work will be reviewed

Lubomirov / Angus-Hughes is a charitable organisation dedicated to contemporary curation. We provide a venue for curators to present group exhibitions and to create dialogue about or through art. We aim to be a forward-looking place of opportunity and innovation, with an evolving and always different art programme, without bias or preference for trends, style, form or specific artists.

For more information, contact



Associate Artist Residency – Call for Artists

The Associate Artist Residency programme allows international artists, curators, academics, and arts writers to apply to Acme Studios for short-term (one, two or three months), London-based, professional development residencies.

Call for artists application

Deadline: 1 Apr 2016

Associate Artist Residencies provide individual mentoring for international artists, matching their skills and ambitions with contemporary galleries, curators, arts professionals, cultural organisations, and leading artists in London. We create bespoke and stimulating residencies to push the boundaries of each artists’ work and tap into the core of what makes London such an exciting international cultural centre.

Residencies can be developed around a particular project or conceived of as networking and contacts-focused. The programme is open to applicants resident in any country outside of England.

Please note that unless otherwise stated, artists will need to source their own funding for AAR opportunities and are usually funded by professional development or travel grants available in their home countries. Applications received before 1 April 2016 will be considered for residencies taking place during 2017.

Since 1987, the Acme Studios International Residencies Programme (Acme IRP) has enabled international governments, cultural agencies, and foundations to offer artists major residencies in London.

For more information, contact

Associate Artist Residency


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