Big Four Bridge Arts Festival 2017 - Call For Artists

Big Four Bridge Arts Festival 2017 – Call For Artists

Big Four Bridge Arts Festival 2017 – Call For Artists

Big Four Bridge Arts Festival 2017 announces a call for 100 juried artists in Louisville, KY at Waterfront Park.

Call for artists application / registration

Deadline: 1 May 2017

The Big Four Bridge Lawn was built for special events. It features four acres of tree lined walks on the Ohio River within walking distance to hotels, restaurants, NuLu, shopping, 4th Street Live, and a family friendly atmosphere. Over two million visitors come to Waterfront Park annually and more than 25,000 walk the bridge every weekend. With three years of preparation, a strong patron base has been developed.

Big Four Bridge Arts Festival 2017 artist benefits

  • Promotions will include advertisements in regional newspapers, radio, magazines, billboard, flyers, j-peg postcards, posters, billboard, along with a social media blitz.
  • The Premiere Gala will be held on Friday the 8th of September. It will include 450 known collectors and supporters of the arts and a Meet and Greet evening on the river. The Gala is optional after set-up on Friday.
  • There is a minimum of $2,500 in cash awards.
  • Light buffet on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Great rates at participating hotels.
  • Trolley pick-up in the morning and delivery in the evening.
  • All of this year’s participating artists will by-pass the jury selection next year and booth fees will be frozen.

About the Big Four Bridge Arts Festival

This festival is supported by the State and City Tourism Boards, non-profits, artisan guilds, and artists. The Waterfront Park in Louisville, Kentucky on the Ohio River is 40 acres of lawn and tree lined walks. All for the purpose of special events and festivals. The City of Louisville is very supportive and assist groups that stage these events. This opens up the opportunity for advertising that reaches out to large volumes of people.

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