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Nancy E. F. Halbert

Contemporary, abstract realism, expressionism

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Nancy E. F. Halbert

    Drawing and Painting
    Contemporary, abstract realism, expressionism
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I was a choreographer and modern dancer for most of my life. After retirement, I used my creative energy and focused on learning to paint, draw and express myself in a two-dimensional picture plane. But, the dancer remains. It is the balance between energy and stillness that I focus on in my art. I reflect this discord in a gestural, painterly, and contemporary style as I draw into paint. My landscape and figures show a contradiction between motion and stillness while using a variety of media to create a raw, yet, luminous painting style.

I experiment with mixing materials, such as, pencil with thinner, or soft pastels with oil paint, layering media to create painted collages of varying surfaces. Fabrics may be integrated to provide a sense of place. I develop a painting as I would when choreographing a dance, one element moving into the next. A line begins, takes shape into mass, which will deepen with color, and then culminates into an expressionistic, impressionistic experience.

My paintings are an honest representation developed through a feminine looking glass. I look inward to paint my experiences as a former dancer, mother, wife, daughter, sister, teacher, traveler, and as a highly sensitive individual, I am surrounded by strong personalities and I dream vivid dreams. The mixture is a heavy cocktail between stillness and activity, merging a sense of abstraction with reality leading me to paint motion to evoke emotion, but in a static realm.

I have had an extensive career teaching art to students of all levels and ages. My teaching is an integral part of my art making process. I never stop growing as an artist by listening to others while empowering students to create in their own personal style. I am available for workshops and private lessons in a variety of media.

I studied Dance, Art History and Arts Administration as an undergraduate at Ohio State University, and I have a Masters in Art Education from the University of the Arts with a prior MFA in Dance from Temple University, Philadelphia, PA. I have made commissions of the landscape and the figure while meeting my client needs.
My paintings are in collections throughout the USA and Australia, including New York Presbyterian Hospital.

Paintings on paper, canvas, monotypes, a variety of sizes, mixing media towards a contemporary, energetic style

01/2015 - Celebration of Life - Hospitals, of University of PA - Philadelphia, PA

11/2014 - GROUP Show - Lucky Street Gallery - Key West, FL

09/2014 - Art Treasures - Main Line Art Center - Haverford, PA

09/2014 - SECRETS - GoggleWorks - Reading, PA