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Lori Banks

Modern Abstract Expressionism in Mixed Media

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Lori Banks

    Drawing and Painting
    Modern Abstract Expressionism in Mixed Media
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Artist Statement

Despite the joy and excitement I feel every time I apply paint to a canvas, the experience always has me a little on edge, a little uncomfortable. The art unravels itself as I work, and I am always a little unsure of the final outcome. Each of my paintings expresses a deep part of myself that I am unable to communicate through words. Hopefully, my paintings, will take your mind to a stimulating place, that challenges you as well.

My work is abstract, and my graphic design background is the catalyst, that creates the foundation for my art. My ideas are mostly influenced by nature and my love of the outdoors. I try to capture an unrestrained energy and playfulness through the use of bold colors and spontaneous lines with layered paint.

I have used tree branches covered with paint to create an organic feel to the bottom layers. I also work with a brush attached to the end of a long stick, to generate a spontaneous feel for the initial layers. My canvases are moved as I paint, which prevents the artwork from looking static.

Usually, I am covered with paint when I work, which adds an amusing and pleasurable aspect to the process. I use my fingers, large brushes, acrylic, crayons, various acrylic media, spackling paste, tissue paper, tape and pencils to build the canvases.

04/2011 - Main Line Art Center Juried Fine Arts Show - Main Line Art Center Haverford PA - Haverford, PA

02/2011 - 3rd Street Gallery Community Exhibit - 3rd Street Gallery - Philadelphia, PA

12/2010 - Art for the Urban Collector - Highwire Gallery - Philadelphia, PA

09/2010 - Artists Equity Juried Members Exhibit - Philadelphia Inquirer Building - Conshohocken, PA